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Brews available in bars and stores across Texas. 


original GOLDEN ALE

4.7% ALC/VOL | 16 IBU

The brew that started it all. Whether you're hanging at a local honky tonk or just cutting the grass, nothing refreshes better than a smooth Original Golden Ale - the true taste of Texas. 

MALTS: Pilsner, Rice

HOPS: Cluster, Herzbrucker


Meat: Light Meats, Chicken, Seafood

Vegetable: Salads. Roasted Tomatoes

Cheese: Jack, Feta, Mozzarella

Dessert: Lemon Tart 

a brand within the alamo beer co. family

Texas Bock

4.4% ABV - 17 IBU

All the flavor of the German original, but Texas style. Nice and light roasted malt flavor with a hint of toasty bread. Enjoy while you are out hunting with the guys or hanging with friends around the fire. Easy-drinking any time of year.

Texas Pilsner

4.2% ABV - 12 IBU

Light, crisp, refreshing Pilsner designed to beat the Texas heat. Perfect for floating down the river or cooling off in one of the favorite Texas watering holes. More flavorful than macro-light lager but not overpowering. The ultimate porch pounder!

Texas Blonde

5.2% ABV - 15 IBU

A blend of lager and ale yeast produces a smooth yet enticing beer.  Whether you’re playing a round of golf your buddies or kicking back at the coast in a lawn chair this easy drinking beer is sure to quench your thirst. A malty sweet backbone is balanced by a touch of hop aroma and fruity esters. It’s true. Texas Blonde’s really do have more fun! 

Juicy IPA

7% ALC/VOL  •  40 IBU

As the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and this Texas JUICY is no exception.  This Texas-sized IPA is created in the spirit of a NEIPA and is bursting with tropical aromas: pineapple, guava, and passion fruit. With a smooth, pillowy mouth feel it’s easy to drink despite the 7% ABV.  Perfect beer for playing washers, watching the game, or just hanging with friends.

Ranch Water


Anyone who’s spent a lick of time in West Texas knows a thing or two about tall tales, big skies, and the blisterin’ heat. Every Texas knows there’s only one way to kick back and cool off - with a true Teas classic: Ranch Water. While the origin of the recipe remains the legend, our tasty, spiked seltzer is clearly crafted, deep in the heart of Texas.


Amber Lager

5.5% ALC/VOL | 24 IBU

If it's a trip to the past you crave, we suggest popping open a cold Amber Lager. This beer was brewed using Old World Vienna recipes and is said to be most to similar to what was served in the days of the Alamo Defenders. 

MALTS: Vienna Malt

HOPS: Herzbrucker 


Meat: Chicken, Seafood, Bratwurst

Vegetable: Grilled Portobellos, Eggplant

Cheese: Camembert, Chevre

Dessert: Banana Pudding


Hayz Street ipa

7.0% ALC/VOL | 70 IBU

This brew stands tall with a hoppy character and an attitude to match. Created to honor the fighting spirit of the Alamo and the rich cultural mosaic for which Texas stands.

MALTS: Pilsner, Pale Wheat

HOPS: Mosaic, Amarillo



Meat: Jalepeño Sausage 

Vegetable: Any Grilled

Cheese: Pepper Jack

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