Seven signature beers. Available in bars and stores across Texas. 

original GOLDEN ALE

4.7% ALC/VOL | 16 IBU

The brew that started it all. Whether you're hanging at a local honky tonk or just cutting the grass, nothing refreshes better than a smooth Original Golden Ale - the true taste of Texas. 

MALTS: Pilsner, Rice

HOPS: Cluster, Herzbrucker


Meat: Light Meats, Chicken, Seafood

Vegetable: Salads. Roasted Tomatoes

Cheese: Jack, Feta, Mozzarella

Dessert: Lemon Tart 

Amber Lager

5.5% ALC/VOL | 24 IBU

If it's a trip to the past you crave, we suggest popping open a cold Amber Lager. This beer was brewed using Old World Vienna recipes and is said to be most to similar to what was served in the days of the Alamo Defenders. 

MALTS: Vienna Malt

HOPS: Herzbrucker 


Meat: Chicken, Seafood, Bratwurst

Vegetable: Grilled Portobellos, Eggplant

Cheese: Camembert, Chevre

Dessert: Banana Pudding

alamosaic ipa

7.0% ALC/VOL | 70 IBU

This brew stands tall with a hoppy character and an attitude to match. Created to honor the fighting spirit of the Alamo and the rich cultural mosaic for which Texas stands.

MALTS: Pilsner, Pale Wheat

HOPS: Mosaic, Amarillo



Meat: Jalepeño Sausage 

Vegetable: Any Grilled

Cheese: Pepper Jack

la villita light

3.4% ALC/VOL | 15 IBU | Calories: 108

Named after one of the first established neighborhoods in old San Antonio, this beer is light enough to share several rounds with your neighbors.

MALTS: Pilsner, Carafoam

HOPS: Magnum



Meat: Burgers, Shrimp Tacos

Vegetable: Salads

luna blanca white

4.5% ALC/VOL | 12 IBU

A full moon lit the hazy night sky the evening before the battle of the Alamo. Our unfiltered Belgian White pays tribute to this fateful eve. 

MALTS: Pilsner, Pale Wheat

HOPS: Saaz Coriander, Orange Peel


Meat: Shellfish

Vegetable: Gazpacho, Citrus Salad

Cheese: Mascarpone

Dessert: Panna Cotta

Alsace Light Lager

3.5% ALC/VOL  l 20 IBU

American Light Lager. We have sources Mistral and Aramis hops from Alsace France to bring an American style beer the French flavors of melon, stone fruit, and white flowers.

HOPS: Mistral, Aramis

Meat: Chicken, Tuna, Bratwurst

Vegetable: Roasted Cauliflower, Bean Stew

Cheese: Mild Cheddar, Muenster

Dessert: Berries, Sabayon

Riverwalk  Pale ale

6% ALC/VOL | 45 IBU

American Pale Ale with notes of tangerine, tropical fruit, coconut, and a touch of cedar.
A complex flavorful beer only HAAS' Sabro Hops can deliver.

HOPS: Felx, Sabro, Sabro Incognito


Meat: Roasted Fowl, Cajun

Vegetable: Elote, Pesto

Cheese: Smoked Gouda

Dessert: Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster


Four bold recipes. Unique as the individuals who drink them.

fiestaval Watermelon Lager

3.4 ALC/VOL | 15 IBU

This celebration in a can is named after San Antonio's most famous festival. With a splash of watermelon, it's a taste to remember. This party is seasonal and available to enjoy every April through May.

MALTS: Pilsner, Corn

HOPS: Traditional, Tettnanger


Meat: Burgers, Shrimp Tacos

Vegetable: Salads


4.6% ALC/VOL | 25 IBU

Originally a type of Spanish dance, in Texas a Fandango came to mean a lively celebration where music was played, and people gathered to cut loose and have a good time. This Kolsch is a smooth drinkin' brew made to wet your whistle wherever good times take you. 

HOPS: Hersbrucker, Saaz
MALTS: Pilsner, Pale Wheat

Meat: Grilled Chicken, Shrimp and Salmon
Vegetable: Grilled Asparagus, Avocado Wrap
Cheese: Scamorza, Mozzarella
Dessert: Almond Cake, Lemon Tart


6.0% ALC/VOL | 22 IBU

This Märzenbier is brewed in the traditional Bavarian style to pay homage to large groups of German settlers who came to call Texas home in the 19th century. 

HOPS: Pilsner, Munich
MALTS: Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh

Meat: Bratwurst, Schnitzel
Vegetable: Roasted Carrots & Potatoes
Cheese: Emmental
Dessert: Apple Strudel

Texas norther ipa

7.5% ALC/VOL | 75 IBU

Bold hoppiness balanced by a warming malty backbone. Notes of citrus, pine and resin finish with an assertive bitterness.

MALTS: Pilsner, Munich
HOPS: Magnum, Chinook, Cascade,

Meat: Roasted Pork, Spiced Curry
Vegetable: Pico de Gallo, Sweet Fruit Salad
Cheese: Roquefort, Stilton
Dessert: Chocolate Cake, Crème Brûlée

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