We're Hiring A Beer Hall Manager

November 16, 2016

An open letter to the next crucial member of our team:


Dear Future Alamo Beer Company Beer Hall Manager, 


First, I want to throw a few words out to you: passion, energy, drive, loyalty, service, leadership, and fierce independence.  Can't relate to any of these characteristics? Thanks for your interest, but this position isn’t the one for you.  If you find that you do, well then, you just might be the person I am looking for.


Let me take a step back to tell you about the family I fight for.  On February 25th, 2015 I was hired as the Beer Hall Manager at Alamo Beer Company.  It was ten days before Grand Opening and the first week we ever tasted German Pale Ale, one of our quintessential four beers. On only my second day at the company I called a meeting to begin planning what would become an unforgettable Grand Opening weekend. Sitting in an empty Beer Hall across a brand new table from Eugene Simor, Jim Walter, Zac Harris, and James Hudec, any anxiety I had over taking this job faded away to a distant memory, with the realization that the four people sitting across from me had already taken this small company and made a huge footprint in our community.  Led by an owner who’s invested ten years of blood, sweat, and tears into building this brand, we became a team of five people flying by the seats of our pants and working our butts off with a central goal to meet—taking our company to the next level. Needless to say, goal achieved. Success means growth and growth brings new challenges.


Now, two years later, I'm sitting at one of those same tables, though faded and worn from sun, beer, and countless good times, with the same core team looking to reach our new next level.  And that's where you come in.  We’re in search of someone special, someone who will help us take that success and hard work and blow it out of the water.


As a company we do not settle for mediocrity. Giving back to the community is embedded deep in our DNA. We are a boys’ club on Friday afternoons, often unconventional, and even dysfunctional at times, but always a team and a family, with each other and the common goal in mind and at heart. We are a startup, thriving in the skin of a large company making life frustrating, challenging, and enlightening. I love this company for everything we are. This may seem like an unconventional way find you, but as with most we do, convention is not a boundary that constrains us. We have flaws, but these flaws are far outweighed by our daily desire to grow and improve.


As the next member of my team I want to you know that I am incredibly stoked to have you.  Now a few reasons why I’ll choose you.


A few reasons why you are the right person for this position and what I will need from you…


* Quality control is huge when building a lasting brand and it starts in the Beer Hall. I need you to be vigilant and not turn a blind eye when you see or are presented with potential issues. I also need you to take the appropriate steps to correcting any situation and not take the easy way out. Facing the tough issues will ensure lasting positive brand awareness.


* I often say that my team is the best team and I mean it. I consistently get feedback from guests expressing how crucial my team was in making their experience a success, from larger corporate events to just stopping in for a beer after a long work day they kill it with their service. I need you to come in everyday and help me lead them by example. If you and I demonstrate the highest standard they will always follow.


* We have regulars. Our regulars and the best regulars. They come to the Beer Hall because they are treated like family. Our regulars are not the only ones treated like family. EVERYONE is treated this way in the hopes that after that first visit they are regulars or they wished they lived here so they could be.


*I need you to hire with our culture in mind, train with the highest of standards and schedule consistently and intuitively. I need you to be a partner to me in conceptualizing a training program that is sustainable, easily implemented and nothing like anything out there. We don’t have corporate telling us what to do and when to do it. We are building this company. I need you to voice your ideas and allow your creativity to show itself, to believe in yourself because I believe in you and your staff believes in you.


*We have a small staff but large events, I need you to supplement with staffing for these events.


*Inventory on merchandise and keeping up with stock on non-alcoholics and snacks. It needs to be done on schedule to stay compliant with the State.


*We have an impressive facility and we need to keep it clean.


*Cash management is key and attention to detail is imperative.


* Between vendors and musicians we ALWAYS have a lot going on. I need you to manage these entities efficiently by enforcing policy.


* I need you to resolve customer complaints gracefully and effectively. Please don’t avoid them. I know it’s the hard thing to do, but I need you to be the backbone and the face of the Beer Hall. I need you to do the hard thing. Because most people can’t, but you can.


*Staff conflicts; please remember that these are my people and now our people. Management entails leadership and that sometimes means being a mediator.

Remember: They will love you if they know your heart, they will work hard if you fight for them and they will respect you if you are tough on them. They are the best.


If this letter is addressed to you, please send your resume to: susanna@alamobeer.com






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