Snacks & Shareables

Jumbo Bavarian pretzel Alamosaic dijon mustard and cornichon pickles. (VG) $8
Alamo Bier Cheese Golden Ale queso blanco, pickled jalapenos, roasted bell pepper, and warm tortilla chips. (V) $ 8
Chili Cheese Nachos  House chili, Amber Lager borracho beans, tortilla chips
jalapenos, queso blanco, roasted red peppers, onions and cilantro. $12


Choice of roasted poblano & corn, potato chips, house chili, or German potato salad

Polish Sausage Polish sausage braised in Amber Lager with Dijon mustard & sauerkraut.
Served on a Bread Box pretzel roll $12

Smoked Turkey House smoked turkey breast, provolone, basil aioli, baby arugula, and red onion,
Served on a Bread Box ciabatta bun $13

Pulled Pork House smoked pork, smothered in Amber Lager bbq sauce, onions, pickles,
Served on a Bread Box poppyeed bun $14



Texacola float Ice cream float made with Southside TexaCola, a cola beverage made with South Texas citrus, local honey, and Mexican pure cane sugar. $5

Non Alcoholics

Neil's Soda  Lead Brewer Neil's rotating soda. ask you server for details  $4
Southside Soda San Antonio’s own craft soda. TexaCola, Limoncito, and BeeVille. $2 bottle
Puro Nitro Coffee Flash brew canned coffee sweetened with cinnamon and stevia  $4
Honest Kids Juice Apple and Fruit Punch $1 Pouch
Diet Coke, Dasani Water  $2 bottle


Light & Crushable

Original Golden Ale Velvety smooth American Blonde ale  ABV: 4.7% | IBU: 16  $6 $22 Pitcher
Alsace Light Lager   Fruity floral hops with a balanced malt finish.  ABV: 3.5% | IBU: 20 
La Villita Light Lager  Crisp, refreshing, and full of flavor. ABV: 3.4% | IBU: 12 | 108 cal per 12oz. $6 Pint $22 Pitcher
Listo Light   Easy-drinking, clean, and crisp. ABV: 3.25% | IBU: 12 | 85 cal & 4 carbs per 12 oz.
$5 Pint $20 Pitcher


                                                                              Tarts & Sours
Passion Weiss   A lively passionfruit and guava kettle sour      4.6% | IBU: 12| $6 Can
*Limited Release* Luna Roja A tart blood orange Belgian white   5.7%   $7 Pint  $25 Pitcher
*Seasonal Release* Winter Wit Unfiltered wheat beer brewed with sour cherries and orange 
5.7%   $7 Pint  $25 Pitcher


G.P.A German Pale Ale.  A German take on a classic style. Pine and citrus upfront with a clean finish true to German styles  $4 bottle
AlaMosaic IPA Hazy IPA with citrusy hints of lemon, orange, and grapefruit.
ABV: 7.0% | IBU: 60 | $6 can

Malty & Dark

Davy Bockett Our ode to Davy Crockett. A true German Helles Bock. Light with a full mouth feel 
$6 Pint  $22 Pitcher

Amber Lager Malty Vienna-style lager with notes of caramel that finish dry  $6 Pint  $22 Pitcher

How Now Brown Cow  American brown ale w/ a large malty mouthfeel that finishes dry
$7 Pint  $25 Pitcher

Honey Cocoa Doppleweizen  Imperial Hef aged with Texas honey and cocoa in bourbon barrels
$8 10oz pour

Black is Beautiful Classic American Stout       ABV: 10% | IBU: 65 |  16.9oz can
Tiramisu Porter  Our porter aged with coffee in cognac barrels   $10 10oz pour

To Go Specials
$15 Cases  Alsace Light Lager, Noble Pilsner

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