Gregg Spickler


Brewmaster Gregg Spickler is a man who likes to stay busy. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Gregg understood there is no knowledge more valuable than first-hand experience. He then traveled the country exploring all things food and drink; from St. Mary’s Resort in Glacier National Park, to 10 Barrel Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon and later to Hidden Cove Brewing Co. in Wells Maine he honed his palate and sharpened his skill set from Coast to Coast


The call of Texas eventually beckoned him back to the South, where his entrepreneurial spirit led him to his next project. Spickler founded Winding Road Provisions in Cibolo, TX. Winding Road Provisions was created to produce, package and sell natural products utilizing the health benefits of honey. As the business grew, product offerings expanded to include South Texas Craft Beer Soap, blending skin soothing honey with the flavorful malts that make Texas beer known the world over.


Familiar with ALAMO’s crisp & malty Pilsner, Gregg chose this style for his 1st batch of soaps with great success and the relationship with ALAMO began to grow.


With his background and self-starter attitude, Gregg was a natural fit for ALAMO and joined the brewery full-time in 2018. Spickler is tasked with maintaining the brewery and ensuring the strictest quality standards are followed to produce some of Texas’ tastiest brews.


He continues to bring innovative opportunities to the table, like Southside Soda Company—a start-up soda manufacturer utilizing regional ingredients, honey & natural lactic acid fermentation. Southside Soda Co. is currently in negotiations to partner with ALAMO for co-packaging and look forward to bringing something distinctive to the beverage world soon.


As part of the Alamo Beer Company team, Gregg plans to use his experience and ingenuity to continue growing the brand in new and delicious directions.


When Gregg isn’t at the brewery, he spends time building upon his passion in apiculture (management of bees & bee removal) while tending to his 25+ hives. 

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